dreamdress - drawing challenge - Traumkleid

zentangle - waschtag

There is a lot of stuff out there - but my dreamdress? I can't find it.

zentangle Traumkleid

I am on the zentangle-way since last summer. So when I can't find my dress, I can draw it now.


Take a look at all the dresses by Patrice. Drawing Challenge dress

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    Patrice A. (Sonntag, 26 Oktober 2014 14:35)

    thansk for joining the DC
    i just made a link to you
    and a dreamdress
    now that would be fine!
    i would love to have one ;^))

  • #2

    tinyWOOLF (Montag, 27 Oktober 2014 07:42)

    dress for success!!
    i LOVE the zentangle design on it, n♥

  • #3

    Stefanie (Montag, 27 Oktober 2014 08:11)

    wirklich schön, Lucia, Dein dreamdress!
    x Stefanie

  • #4

    Miss Herzfrisch (Montag, 27 Oktober 2014 09:18)

    Toll dein Traumkleid...das Rosenmuster ein wahrer Traum....
    Herzliche Grüße

  • #5

    sally (Dienstag, 28 Oktober 2014 14:05)

    Lovely B&W line drawings….lovely dress!

  • #6

    Kristen (Dienstag, 28 Oktober 2014 17:24)

    yes! great idea as the perfect dress eludes me as well :)

  • #7

    Veronica Roth (Mittwoch, 29 Oktober 2014 03:15)

    Hi Lucia, I love that style of drawing and I do that once in a while. Except I call it my "as the cell divides" method. :D Brilliant fun and drawing exercise. Well done :D