Russian Sky - Russischer Himmel

Skys in Taganrog

How you see the sky, depends on where you are standing.

All Pictures are taken in Taganrog, South Russia, two weeks ago.


Wie du den Himmel siehst, das hängt davon ab, wo du stehst.

Diese Bilder machte ich in Taganrog in Süd-Russland, vor zwei Wochen.


Erics Drawing Challenge / Art Challenge: SKY

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  • #1

    Edith (Samstag, 14 Mai 2016 15:20)

    Nrn. 1, 2 und 4: welch wunderschöne Fotos, liebe Lucia!
    Die Farben tun den Augen und der Seele so gut.
    Ich wünsche mir für Dich, dass durch diesen Kurzurlaub
    Deine Welt ein wenig fröhlicher, schöner und bunter
    geworden ist. Frohe Feiertage und liebe Grüße

  • #2

    eric (Samstag, 14 Mai 2016 17:34)

    Nice to see your Russian skies. It could be a James Bond movie: Under Russian skies:)
    Thanks for joining Lucia. - eric

  • #3

    Birgitt (Samstag, 14 Mai 2016 18:19)

    ...schöne Momente hast du mitgebracht, liebe Lucia,
    die schon mit so wenigen Details eine reiche Vielfalt zeigen,

    liebe Grüße

  • #4

    Norma (Sonntag, 15 Mai 2016 03:14)

    I was just thinking similar thoughts last night. That it's the same sky wherever we are...but different as well. And if we stay in one spot for a length of time, the sky changes anyway due to seasonal differences and the movement of the earth on its' axis. I too have seen Russian skies. In 1976. Moscow and Leningrad it was called then. A wonderful light comes to that country. I was there in February in a cold light. The buildings shone light yellow in the morning sun. I'll never forget it. Love your photos. Bye the way, did you see my zine for you yet? It's my contribution to this challenge...N, x

  • #5

    tinyWOOLF (Sonntag, 15 Mai 2016 11:40)

    you know already, from instagramming, i have this little soft spot for russian adventure. and you popped right over, and that i think is delightful, because it is far away for us. well, perhaps not really anymore, but i like to think this former iron curtain country is a little more secret than it is visible.
    i am loving your russian images, and therefore, obviously, its skies...

  • #6

    Erika (Sonntag, 15 Mai 2016 13:30)

    Wunderschön, liebe Lucia! Da erwacht mein Fernweh auf der Stelle.
    Herzliche Grüße

  • #7

    Tammie (Sonntag, 15 Mai 2016 17:09)

    i enjoyed seeing your Russian skies and details of another land.
    thank you ~

  • #8

    Ariane Reichardt (Sonntag, 15 Mai 2016 17:23)

    Liebe Lucia,
    was für ein schöner Standpunkt. Like Nadine, I call her Nadeschda, I am loving your russian images. And of course the skies.

    Bis jetzt habe ich noch nicht herausgefunden, was genau dich nun nach Russland führte. Bin da sehr neugierig!

    Herzlich, Ariane. Rose

  • #9

    Veronica Roth (Sonntag, 15 Mai 2016 17:47)

    Hi Lucia. Your Russian skies remind me so much of my homeland in the Czech Republic. The light is so pink, isn't it? What a marvellous adventure you're having under the Russian skies. I can't wait to be back in Europe under those pink light skies. One more month to go here in my blue light Canada.

  • #10

    Patrice A. (Montag, 16 Mai 2016 08:14)

    they look fine!
    never been to Russia
    so thanks for the tour ;^))

  • #11

    Stefanie (Montag, 16 Mai 2016 12:13)

    Das erste Bild mag ich besonders! Diese Türme...
    x Stefanie