The key in her pocket - Der Schlüssel in ihrer Tasche - DC

The Key - Der Schlüssel

In der Tasche


Den Schlüssel zu Omas Haus

hat sie immer in ihrer Tasche.

Die Oma ist tot,

das Haus steht nicht mehr.

Sie hat den Schlüssel

immer in ihrer Tasche.

Einmal wird sie eine Tür

finden, zu der dieser

Schlüssel passt.

Dann wird sie wieder

zu Hause sein. 

In her pocket


The key to grandma's house

is always in her pocket.

Grandma is dead.

The house no longer stands.

She always has the key

in her pocket.

Once she will find a door.

The key fits this door.

Then she will be

at home again.

This Weekends drawing challenge POCKET by Veronica. Please go and see in lots of pockets.

Dieses Wochenende gibt es bei Veronica die Drawing Challenge POCKET. Bitte schaut auch bei den andern in die Taschen.

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  • #1

    Patrice A. (Samstag, 12 September 2015 17:20)

    such fine words.....
    love that
    a key in your pocket
    as a reminder of someone
    i have a ring made for me
    with an opal
    because my grandmother used to have one

    fine weekend to you!

  • #2

    Tammie (Samstag, 12 September 2015 17:35)

    so enjoyed your poem
    such a fine key

  • #3

    eric (Sonntag, 13 September 2015 12:07)

    That's a wonderful treasure and memory! - eric

  • #4

    tinyWOOLF (Montag, 14 September 2015 12:16)

    "home again", that longing of all of us. ...
    it's rustling up all kinds of warm, autumnal feelings.

    thank you for stopping by last weekend, lucia. ... i also have <a href="">a new drawing theme</a> ready for you, if you like. you are very welcome, nadine♥

  • #5

    tinyWOOLF (Montag, 14 September 2015 12:18)

    so sorry for the above html squabble... i thought it'd work out smoothly, but clearly it hasn't. anyway, it's up on my blog. see ya. n♥