Frühjahrsmüdigkeit - spring tiredness - drawing challenge

Frühjahrsmüdigkeit - Spring tiredness


Zeit zum Träumen

Vergiss das



Spring Tiredness

Time to dream big

Don't forget


wake up

Veronicas Drawing Challenge Spring Break

Take a look and have a nice Weekend.

Thank you for stopping by.

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  • #1

    Norma (Samstag, 14 März 2015 21:49)

    My imagination and appreciation and senses are all AWAKE with this photo. Lovely. So lovely. Happy spring to you! Norma

  • #2

    Carole (Samstag, 14 März 2015 23:18)

    This is adorable, Lucia!
    With all the birds singing and the bulbs bursting open it's impossible to miss this spring. Happy days to you. xo

  • #3

    renilde (Sonntag, 15 März 2015 02:53)

    touching image Lucia, i hope i keep on dreaming after waking up :)
    wishing you lots of spring sunshine, x

  • #4

    tinyWOOLF (Sonntag, 15 März 2015 07:39)

    well, wow, your words stopped me and made me think!

  • #5

    Patrice A. (Sonntag, 15 März 2015 09:51)

    so sweet
    yes, let's not forget to wake up
    i can see little bits of green
    above the dark earth in our garden
    it's time to wake up!

    (your image moves me more than i can describe

  • #6

    Joke konings (Sonntag, 15 März 2015 19:53)

    Oh yes, can't wait. A little bit warmer and a lot more is possible.

  • #7

    jahreszeitenbriefe (Sonntag, 15 März 2015 22:03)

    Rührend schön ;-). Aber ich geh jetzt schlafen! Gute Nacht ;-)
    Lieben Gruß Ghislana

  • #8

    pomomama (Montag, 16 März 2015 02:58)

    Yes - i can feel the dreams coming to life this spring - time to wake up indeed.

  • #9

    Marian (Montag, 16 März 2015 13:49)

    So beautiful, and inspiring :-)

  • #10

    Veronica Roth (Montag, 16 März 2015 16:26)

    Oh yes, I know how that feels. Some days I too feel like a tulip with my head snapped off. Trying to wake up after a long winter. Hurry spring! Lovely composition and very moving. X

  • #11

    annton (Montag, 16 März 2015 17:01)

    But dreaming is oh so delicious. xx

  • #12

    Tammie (Montag, 16 März 2015 17:39)

    this is quite creative and fun
    yes, stretch and yawn and awaken to a season that promises to be full of life.
    I imagine that is what our bears are doing.....

  • #13

    eric (Dienstag, 17 März 2015 16:01)

    Wonderful use of the tulip. It made me smile:)

  • #14

    Sharmon Davidson (Dienstag, 17 März 2015 17:12)

    Yes, spring is definitley time to wake up! thanks for sharing this!

  • #15

    Stefanie (Mittwoch, 18 März 2015 07:09)

    oh ja, so niedlich und witzig! Träum schön!
    x Stefanie